Cafe Benefit

Earn money while helping reduce the number of single-use disposable cups ending up in landfill.

Café Benefit

  • No cost to hold stock, plus you get paid when a cup is sold – $4.20 for 8oz and $5.10 for 12oz cups.
  • Loyalty system for customers using a One Less cup.
  • Display environmental stats specific to your café.
  • Access customer data.

Customer Benefit

  • Low cost, high-quality cup.
  • First, fifth and 11th coffee free.
  • Every 11th scan earns a free coffee.
  • Free coffee when the Tipping Point is reached.
  • Rewards for referring friends.

Built-in Rewards System

  • Free coffee on every 11th scan.
  • Build loyalty and reward consistency.
  • Protect against customer loss from a single sub-par performance (hey, it happens. We’re all human. Except for robots…they’re robots).

What you get paid

Earn more from your customers over time. View the full transaction and running balance spreadsheet »


Coffee #1
Coffee #10
Coffee #25
Coffee #50
Coffee #100

One Less Cup


Single-use Cups


Reusable Cup w/ discount


OK, keep talking…

  • We provide you with an iPad, pre-loaded with the One Less app at no cost.
  • 8oz cups are sold for $14 each. You keep $4.20 from each sale.
  • 12oz cups are sold for $17 each. You keep $5.10 from each sale.
  • You are paid $1.20 for any reward coffee given to customers.
  • You charge the full regular price for a coffee when the customer uses a One Less cup (no reusable cup discount).
  • We charge 40 cents for a scan up to the Tipping Point*.
  • We charge 30 cents for a scan after the Tipping Point*.
  • No lock in contracts or BS.

Want to know more?

If you have a question, comment or are wanting to stock One Less cups in your café, please send us an email using the form provided, or send an email to [email protected]